Learn Along With Emily As She Goes From Knowing Nothing at All To Being Able to To Put Together A Pro Dj Set!

(In 7 Easy To Follow Steps)

DJ With Emily is for anyone who wants to quickly put together professional DJ set like the pros without wasting months trying to figure it all out on your own. Right now, get lifetime access for just $97. (Normally $199) 

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Comes with a 14 day money back guarantee!


"OMG! This course was superb! It wasn't just fun watching these two together but I couldn't believe how much I learnt along the way. It was great watching Emily fire questions at Phil as he taught her. Packed with great information!"


"Having already taken Phils Beginner Lessons I watched this thinking I wasn't going to Learn anything new. I couldn't have been more wrong. This is taught on the DDJ 400 and Rekordbox so loved watching Phil Teach an entire course in this controller and software. This course was so enjoyable to watch but packed with information"
- Leila Thomas


"This is a very addictive watch. It was so reassuring watching Emily go from not knowing anything, to being able to pick up Phils Techniques. Even for me, a DJ who has been dabbling for the last 10 years! I found myself picking up new skills!"
What's included in the program?
Total Value: $237
£75 / $97
Includes a 30 day money back guarantee!*

14 Day Money Back Guarantee!*

If you download this course and within the next two weeks decide it is not for you. You get all your money back. No Questions asked!*

    14 Day Money Back Guarantee!*
    If you download this course and for any reason are not happy with it. Please let me know and I will give you all your money back! *
    Follow Emilys 7-Day Pro DJ Agenda!
    Learn the fundamental laws of DJing in the fastest timeframe possible with Emily!
    DAY 1: Master The Software
    • Loading in your favourite music.
    • Building killer playlists.
    • Sort your playlists like a pro.
    • Prepare your playlists for a rocking Dj set.
    DAY 2: Master your Dj Decks
    • Understand which part of the decks is the most critical to performing insane mixes.
    • Understand exactly what everything does and, more importantly, how to use it in your mixes.
    • Learn advanced DJ deck features that you will master in minutes.
    DAY 3: Beat Match in minutes (between any BPM)
    • Learn how to beat match perfectly every time with my unique method.
    • Learn how to apply this to any BPM so you can build the speed and tension of your sets.
    • I show you how to apply it to real music.
    DAY 4: Mixing Different Genres
    • I show you a selection of killer transitions pro DJs use to easily move between different genres of music.
    • House music to Hip Hop
    • Hip Hop to Reggaeton
    • ​These killer transitions will work with any music, so you are not restricted in your next set.
    DAY 5: Understand The Secret Of When Every Transition Should Happen
    • Understand that there is always a specific place you should transition every single song. One of the TOP industry secrets.
    • No more confusion over WHEN you should do your transitions.
    • Instantly learn where to set your Cue Points to take any guess work out of each transition!
    DAY 6: Learn How To Mix Frequencies Like A Pro
    • What exactly do the mid, lows, and high do?
    • How you can use them to perform "invisible transitions."
    • Easily understand how these knobs can transform all your mixes if used correctly.
    DAY 7: What Music Works Together
    • Did you know DJing is 90% about preparation and song choice. 
    • Learn an instant formula that will allow you to know exactly what song should be picked next in your set
    • Learn how to sculpt high-end dj sets by knowing which songs to choose.
    • ​Make your sets ten times easier by using music that compliments each other.
    Bonus 1: Vocal Beat Track
    • Enrol today and get two beat matching tracks
    • One track has my voice on it, so I coach you through your first beat match.
    • These tracks will allow you to learn how to beat match first time!
    Bonus 2: Selection Of Beats
    • You will also get a selection of unique beats that can be used to learn new DJ skills.
    • These tracks can also be thrown into your dj sets to spice up your next mix
    Bonus 3: Lifetime Access To A Private DJ Community!
    • Gain access to a private group of over 2000 professional DJs from across the world waiting to listen to your next mix, give you feedback and answer any questions you have.
    • I am also in this group, so it is a great way to ask me any questions you want.
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    Meet Your Instructor

    Hey, I'm Phil Harris!

    My name is Phil Harris. I am a Serato Certified Trainer, and Over the last 5 years have built one of the fastest-growing youtube channels teaching over 100,000 people how to DJ and make electronic dance music.

    After teaching myself to DJ and spending months and thousands of dollars I ended up sharing my knowledge with a couple friends...

    ...annoyingly they picked up what took me months in just a few hours! Purely down to the way I taught them!

    I then decided to put together some training to help anyone who wants to learn how to DJ, achieve their goals quickly and easily!

    Who This Is For...

    1. You want to save hours of YouTube Searching and actually learn how to DJ in a simple, easy and structured way.

    2. You Bought Dj decks because you wanted to DJ and put together some sick mixes. Not to spend months scrolling through YouTube and getting frustrated.

    3. I start from the ground up so the program can take you from zero to hero . However, this program is also great for experienced DJs who want to learn next-level skills behind their decks and put together DJ sets they didn't even think were possible!

    4. You are willing to put in some work - this program works when you do. YouTube is an excellent place to procrastinate; investing in this course means you are here to learn and master this incredible skills.

    Who This Is NOT For...

    1. If you are looking for a program to work with specific decks and DJ software. This course has been designed to work with any DJ decks and any software. You will be learning core DJ techniques that will work across the board and give you an incredible foundation to build on.

    2. If you do not care about speed. This program is developed for people that want to build this incredible, valuable skillset in the fasted timeframe possible. There are different programs out there if you have an infinite number of time, and no real need to move quickly.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee!*
    If you download this course and for any reason are not happy with it. Please let me know and I will give you all your money back! *
    But Don't Just Take My Word For It... See What Other DJs From Around The World Are Saying:

    You've Got Questions... We've Got Answers:

    "I already know the basics of DJing, I don't need to know everything from the start!"
    • ​The basic of DJing was primarily taught in my "first ten minutes on DJ decks". These videos all follow on from there so if you do understand the absolute basics that should lead you into this course quite well.
    • ​Most people who buy this course comment on how they were doing it all wrong beforehand. So even if you think you know the basics, it is always good to learn new methods.
    • ​In the course, I teach you far more than just one DJing technique. These techniques will allow you to become a great DJ, far quicker.
    • ​If you do download the course and realise that you already know everything, this is not a problem, send me an email, and I will happily refund the course!
    "I can learn all of this on YouTube."
    • ​This is not strictly true, everything I have learnt in this course has come partly from Books, Courses I have taken, partly from YouTube tutorials and many tricks and tips I have picked up from spending hours on DJ decks.
    • ​I can take hundreds of hours off your learning experience by following this course so you can focus on the main thing; developing your DJ abilities and playing an amazing set in front of an audience. After all, this is the reason why we all started learning Djing.
    • ​I guarantee you that there are tricks and tips that you will discover on this course that you will not find on YouTube.
    "I don't want to pay this money to find out I already know everything."
    • If you download this course and do not find your knowledge of DJing dramatically increases, then I will give you Full money back refund*. This is a risk-free gamble!
    "I am not technically minded, and the lessons are probably going to be too complicated."
    "All the great DJ's just messed around until they learnt everything, I am going to do the same."
    • ​Yes, we have all watched videos online where DJ's like Martin Garrix, Avicii and Skrillex all just worked stuff out for themselves. However, they all put in about thousands of hours of work in before they got discovered. You can, of course, take this route but why bother when you could shred out all the boring learning bit and focus all your time on the fun stuff like organising playlists and working on your mixing abilities.
    • ​Why not fast track your route to a career in the DJ industry by taking this course and learning the secrets and hacks rather than spend 10,000 hours trying to figure it all out for yourself.
    "I don't think I am talented enough to DJ."
    • ​Not all of us will go onto becoming the next Skrillex, however, do not worry. This is a process and learning how to use DJ decks is the first step. The people who go on to become huge are not the people with the most talent. They are the people who enjoy it the most and stick with it.
    • ​Your DJ journey is like driving in the dark, you can drive hundreds of miles in the dark, but you can only see the 20 meters in front of your that are lit up by the headlights. All you need to do is keep learning and experimenting, and before you know it, your DJ sets will sound great.
    • ​At the end of the day, music doesn't have to be something you end up doing professionally; it could just be something you enjoy doing as a hobby. You never know, you might not end up DJing professionally, but you could end up DJing at local parties, wedding, corporate events and have a blast.
    "Don't I need to join a real music school to know this stuff properly?"
    • ​No way, most of the great DJ's out there never went to a music school. The only people who will tell you have to are the music schools, and that is because they charge thousands of pounds and they want your money. 
    • ​This course will show you everything you need to know and more to make DJ sets awesome!
    "I can't afford the best DJ Decks so what is the point."
    • ​You can apply everything in this course to the cheapest DJ decks. In fact, you can apply the lessons in the course to a DJ app on your mobile phone!
    • ​Almost everyone starts off on "cheap DJ decks". I have seen guys with cheap DJ decks completely rock a crowd, and I have seen people with expensive DJ decks do an absolute sh*t DJ set. After this course, you will be able to rock a crowd on any dj decks available to you!
    What does 'Becoming a DJ' mean for you?
    Let me introduce myself!
    Before I give you the answer to your problems!
    And it is all 100% RISK FREE!
    Join the community!
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    "I couldn't believe how quickly I picked DJing up after I watched Phils Course. I decided to show my mum and now even she knows how to DJ. Absolutely incredibly Course!!!!"
    "I couldn't believe how quickly I picked DJing up after I watched Phils Course. I decided to show my mum and now even she knows how to DJ. Absolutely incredibly Course!!!!"
    -Ben Hartshorn
    - Ben Hartshorn
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